This is where you come to stay

A symbol of future nostalgia

A healing mix of heritage, work hubs & hospitality

In ancient Roman times, the Cardo was the central street that ran across a city. Lined with shops and food vendors, it was a social and economic hub. The beating pulse of the city.

Fast-forward a few thousands years, and we give you Cardo Roma – a bustling place for passers-by, globetrotters and locals.

About Us

Transforming hospitality

We built our hotel to bring people together, through spaces and experiences fostering a sense of belonging—resulting in a strong community, although we much prefer the word ‘famiglia’. Cardo Roma is coming home.

Our People

Our backbone

The lifeblood of any community? The individuals that make it. We value our people, the members of our Grande Famiglia—each and every one of them. This goes for both our employees and guests.

Our Location

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A stone's throw from the city centre, Cardo Roma sparks a revival of our building and its surrounding neighbourhood’s glamourous past. While designing, we reimagined Nuova Roma’s identity at present, laying the foundations for a promising future.